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Originally Posted by tdidona
Thanks for the info, it's going in next week. Is this a common problem, as I have seen other threads with the same issue. Also, what should I watch out for regarding the replacement, as I see a lot of mention about putting in older units which do not work properly. I want to avoid this at all costs, any way I can be sure I have a brand new compatible unit? Thanks for all of the help.
the dealer will not put in an older unit..your dealing with a warranty vehicle-06 i might add..the dealer is required to return all warranty parts they remove/replace from customer's vehicle in place of the new parts they put in...i know at one time the module can somethimes be on b/o also, be prepared if this occurs- but in general don't worry or panic, you did nothin wrong, it's a software issue that...indeed yes.... can occur.

prior to coming to the dealer try deleting the "BMWTAG" from your phone.
it's the list code that comes up example "bmw00000" the last digits are your number from your vin.. try deleting them and re-pairing.. but in all likley hood if the assist is inop then the BT will be also.

when your called to pick up your vehicle after all repairs were done.. make sure you can make a "test" call to BMW using your assist before you leave the service center(SA should test this) and make sure your phone is paired also prior to leaving the service center.

keep us posted!
Good Luck!
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