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Thanks for the input, everyone.

I took it to the dealer, and they gave me the BS answer that the TCU in the vehicle does not support Bluetooth and that only vehicles built from 10/04 have Bluetooth capability. I didn't have a chance to follow up on that answer with the tech.

As you can see, the BMW dealers around here all have horrible service. They have some parts on order for another problem and I will be taking it back in soon - probably next week. I will get them to take another look at it then.

In my case the phone and the BTUM appear to pair properly - I see the "BMW BTUM" device on the phone, and the blue LED turns solid, as described in the BTUM manual.

Ater that, nothing else seems to work - I can't control the phone at all with the car controls. I tried the reset procedure a few times (holding the button down for 30 seconds), with no difference.

I am still trying to get a V60i phone so I can hopefully prove to the dealer that the CPT9000 does not work, even without the BTUM. (I'm guessing that's what the problem is ?)

The two telephone buttons are not used nor do they offer any other functionality if your car is not telephone-equipped.
That's funny - as I mentioned, mine actually work. Maybe this has something to do with the BMW assist functionality? ...and sorry to hear you are having problems with yours

Anyway - will keep you posted on my progress with the dealer.
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