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I'm successfully using the iPhone with my 2004 M3 which has Nav and BMW Assist + Bluetooth.

iPhone transfers the address book perfectly and appends (Work), (Home), (Mobile) to each address book entry. This now makes it easier to find the correct number using the NAV telephone address book sub menu option.

I've also found that the audio gets routed always correctly to the car, and under the Nav telephone INFO setting, signal strength of the iPhone gets displayed correctly.

A few points though.

1. I turned Wi-Fi off on the iPhone as I found it interferred with the bluetooth audio.
2. You can change the bluetooth audio volume level on the iPhone itself. Simply start a conversation, and use the volume level on the iPhone to change the bluetooth audio level. Once set, iPhone will remember that setting. I found this was useful to set the level similar to the voice entry system audio level.

In addition, I can also report that the iPhone also works perfectly with my NAV ipod interface as well ( When the iPhone is plugged into the intravee system, the iphone is kept charged. Intravee of course generates all the correct menus on the NAV screen to allow you to listen and search for music ... just like a regular iPod. Use the link to see a video of the interface in action with a iPod ... but its the same for a iPhone.

All in all, a very cool device thats now nicely integrated into the BMW.

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