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2006 X5 and iPhone woes . . .


I'll share my limited experience. I have a 2006 X5 with the factory-installed bluetooth kit without nav. The iPhone pairing went easy, with no issues. Initial calls out from the BMW headunit, out from the iPhone, and into the iPhone went well with no problems. Addressbook from the iPhone transferred completely and was accessible from the headunit. After all that, I figured it was working great and should have no problems.

Well, advance about a day later. When entering the vehicle, the iPhone and X5 are having trouble finding each other and establishing their connection. I've had a few different issues. One time, the X5 continually stated "Downloading Phonebook!" and never left that screen. However, the most common problem seems to be that when a call is initiated from the iPhone, the X5 head unit shows the call, the person being called can hear what's going on inside the X5, but the person in the X5 cannot hear anything.

I was hoping that since the iPhone was stated to work flawlessly with the new X5 and 3 series that it would work with my X5. As a side note, it does work flawlessly with my E90 325xi.

Any other experience out there or possible fixes?

Thanks a lot.

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