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Originally Posted by utdeveloper
Ok, so here is the story. I had the bluetooth installed at the factory dealership here in Houston and it absolutely sucks. I have had bluetooth in the past, 2005 525i, and all I can say is that I am VERY disappointed. Is there anyway that I can have them uninstall the bluetooth system? It is unusable to the point where I have had clients tell me to call them back because how bad it is, which in turn hurts my business. I am in real estate and spend a lot of time in the car so I really wanted this system...but for $799 it isn't worth it.

So, what are my chances of being refunded?
BMW Parts and labor (if installed by a dealer) has a duration of 2 years... take that sucker back and tell them that you have a problem. They will take care of it, if they can't then they will probably give you your money back.

Just asking to be refunded without giving them the opportunity to solve the issue is not going to fly at all.
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