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Help? Time for a pair of new cars. What should I get?

I am going to be picking up 2 new cars over the next month or so. I will probably be getting rid of my 2004 X5.

So what should I get?

Im thinking 535i or maybe even the XI and maybe an E70 X5.
By the way when do the 08 E70s come out. If it is in sept im gonna wait. Is the current 5 series at the dealers an 07 or 08. I thought the 08s were out already. If not when do they hit the showrooms. \

My dealer told me that if I trade my 04 X5 for a 5 series they lower the money factor on a 5 series lease. but that promotion is only on the 5 series and not any other model. Has anyone else heard of this?

Does anyone here currently have a 535? If so how do you like it.

Last question, Will the proceed work on the 535 since it is the same motor as the 335. Maybe Sanguru knows the answer to this.
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