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Originally Posted by ccfj1
Hi All,

I have the nokia bluetoth car kit (CK-1W) and it does the job, but I've never been happy the way
it works and it's lack of intergration with the Sat Nav monitor and MFSW.

As I didn't fancy paying a dealer 120 for the harness, I started looking on the internet about a DIY custom solution,
an OEM ULF with a custom harness, after all the OEM ULF is just a BT module with an I-Bus interface, right.

I found loads of info about the module and the pinouts for the 54 Pin plug and someone who had
already done it, a Spanish guy on a Spanish bmw forum, (thanks micro088).

So, I'm in the process of custom retrofitting the OEM BT setup, I reckoned, that I could do
the whole thing for less than the price of the parrot (3100 or 3000) plus the connects2 box
and leads, or the New nokia setup.

It Looks like its well do-able.

Since my car has the 40 quadlock and SatNav, cusom making the 54pin ULF harness was
very straight forward, here is the 54pin pinouts.

BM54 - Main, 16 Pin Quadlock Connector

X13646-10----------------------- MUTE -----------------------PIN 51 ULF
X13646-12----------------------- GND ------------------------PIN 36 ULF
X13646-15----------------------- +12 V Perm----------------PIN 17 ULF
X13646-16----------------------- +12 V Switched------------PIN 35 ULF

X13646-9------------------------ I-BUS -----------------------PIN 15 ULF
X13646-11----------------------- TEL ON ---------------------PIN 33 ULF

BM54 - Small, 12 pin connector (C Btm right)
X13649-6---------------------- Tel Audio Out + --------------PIN 37 ULF
X13649-12--------------------- Tel Audio Out - --------------PIN 38 ULF

Extras, MIC:

MIC + ----------------------------------------------------------PIN 1 ULF
MIC - ----------------------------------------------------------PIN 19 ULF
MIC Shield-----------------------------------------------------PIN 21 ULF

GND-----------------------(Pairing switch)--/ ----------------PIN 32 ULF

Eject box, 18 Pin elo connector

Pin-7 Pairing Button------------PIN 32
Pin-8 12v+ ign
Pin-10 12v+
Pin-17 Ground.

So once I'd made my mind up, I started by getting the 54pin plug from the dealer, as it was on back order, I looked around and came across the same plug used by Audi for there BT module, I ordered the plug and connectors, and they were here within 3 days.

54 Pin connector 1.47 Audi Dealer - Audi p/n 4e0-972-144.

Pins for connector 0.97 ea (x10 = 9.70) Audi Dealer - Audi p/n 000-979-010.

Got a BT ULF, Gen 3 with Voice control

Several things of eBay:

Telemute Harness--------9.50

Pair button ---------------1.30, I didn't bother with the eject box as the phone is always charged and BT enabled.

Leads (Mic & Switch)-----4.49, used 2.5mm speaker lead. (as they don't have to carry any high volages, I thought this would be OK, and it seems to work OK).

Then I made up the 54pin plug.

Cut and modded the telemute lead to include the ULF connectors and soldered and heatshrank the joints, followed the pinouts from the radio module and ULF

I had to get several bits from the dealer (its hard to beleive but they were cheaper than eBay)
Antenna, antenna fakra lead, antenna braket and mic.

Plugged in to test,

and the satnav detected the BT module straight away.

then select phone

Go through pair process and bobs you uncle.

Total outlay is approx 180, sound quality is much better than that of the nokia kit and I now have full intergration with the MFSW/ Satnav display, as well as voice control, the phone book has transfered and you can use the buttons on the display to call and receive calls.

Well pleased with the results.

For 54pin to 26pin convertion use the following pin guide.

26 PIN PLUG CAR----------------------54 PIN ULF PLUG

PIN 16-------------Ground
PIN 03-------------Ground---------------------PIN 36
PIN 04-------------Unswitched-12V(+)---------PIN 17
PIN 05-------------Ignition-12V(+)-------------PIN 35
PIN 10-------------Radio-Mute-----------------PIN 51

PIN 20-------------Ground-for-Mic--------------PIN 21
PIN 15-------------Microphone-(+)--------------PIN 1
PIN 17-------------Microphone-(-)--------------PIN 54

PIN 19-------------Speaker-(-)-----------------PIN 3
PIN 25-------------Speaker(+)------------------PIN 13
Hello, very very goods...
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