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Originally Posted by DWill
The only voice commands that work on my 07 X3 are the telephone commands. Are you saying the nav commands should have worked "out of the box" as well as the voice notes feature...????

If so, they don't

I've pressed the button and said help. The only "help" that I get is on the telephone voice commands.
Go into the On-Board Computer option on the widescreen - then press and hold the voice button and say MAP

The screen should then revert to the Nav map - if it does, then you can control the Navi with voice. The Navi commands are quite limited - probably MAP and 'End Guidance' are the only commands I use as the map scale commands are in Meters or Kilometers in the VR module, but in Yards/Miles on the screen!

Anyhow, try the MAP command and report back....
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