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feeler: huge microfiber sale

I'm thinking about doing a huge microfiber sale.

I know that a ton of guys buy 6-12 at a time but my thought is that after you do your car you would have to launder them for the next detail or wash. Why not wait till you can get a load out of it. My thought is that 6-12 towels to wash is a bit of a waste of time why not have 24 t0 50 towels on hand ready to go, then as you get low you can make a decent load of laundry?

Anyway we have 16x16 and 16x24.

Here are some preliminary prices:

16x16 -not on the site yet:

1 -16x16 MF towel at $4.95
6 -16x16 MF towels at $19.95
12 add 1 for 13-16x16 MF towels at $34.99
24 add 1 for 25-16x16 MF towels at $62.86
48 add 2 for 50 - 16x16 MF towels at $113.28

Add your forum discount and you will have some amazing pricing on DD's own towels

16x24 are on the site but I will add a few more options.

E-mail me if you want more than 50 plus towels.

I also have drying towels I will do 1 , 2, 3 and 4 packs.

Philip Yiu
Detailer's Domain
[email protected]
tel: 201-233-0003
promo code is BMW for 10% off
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