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Bluetooth has been reset - it's working again...

With the help of : I was able to determine the location of the bluetooth module. I disconnected 2 of 3 cables (because I could not reach the third) for 10 minutes, to reset the module. Bluetooth is now working again!

If this becomes frequent it will go in for service, but I have not wasted trips to the dealer for something I can do myself.

The bluetooth module was the silver box bolted to what appeared to be the amp for the premium sound system on this vehicle. I could not see the entire box to see if it had a label identifying it as such. The module is to the left, and partially below the spare tire well, so I could not see if there was any label, or reach one of the lower mounting bolts to remove it. Hence, I disconnected the cables I could reach.

Many posts indicate dealers just replace the module. I find it hard to believe they all go bad. Perhaps all they need is a firmware update. Does anyone know if the firmware/software on the bluetooth can be updated.? I would suspect new modules may have updated firmware already applied.

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