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No harness - no bluetooth ?

Having a bit of a run with bad luck these days

This new ULF that I'm about to pick up tomorrow...

Well I just took out the plastic trim in the boot to have a look at where it's going to fit (already located the mike wire), and THERES NO BLOODY CONNECTOR !!!!

Which ties in with the fact that under the armrest there's SFA too !

So looks like I'll have to stick with the Nokia after all. Gutted.

I was sure that a fully specced car with TV/NAV, Memory seats etc. would at least be pre-wired. Maybe it's just us in the UK that suffer as I have read everywhere on this forum that all USA X5s are prewired for phone.

Here's what I found

I've seen a PDF on here that shows a complete retrofit kit with loom and ULF etc. but of course i'd only want the boot section part of the loom (no interest in the cradle other than for pairing). Does anyone know if that part is for sale seperately?

Thanks again guys.


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