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Originally Posted by Kev
Thanks John mate, bit more encouraged now
That's it mate don't loose heart

Even if I need to fork out 120 for a harness, at least if it works and doesn't involve ripping the carpet up I could live with it.
Well with me, I was too cheap to pay the dealer 120 for a harness that is essentially a telemute lead.

As for the carpet I followed a different route than that of the OEM install and it saved a lot of stripping and was much easier to do.

Got the ULF now, all looks good, came with the card/key and book (one with with phone box on the cover).
Snap, that's exactly what I got, oh, I got the bracket too.

Hopefully all I need to do is get the cradle, mike, antenna and two cables now.
Strictly speaking you don't need the 2nd lead (sharkfin to cradle) or the cradle, but you deffo need the mic, BT antenna, antenna lead and a pair button.

If the dealers cant help with a cable how do you fancy getting your soldering iron out again (for a good price of course). Just the minimal cable would do.
I could be tempted, I've just converted a BitII lead to a BT lead , I also made it have a telemute option as he has a aftermarket HU, so he has that option as well as OEM.

Just need to check my TV/NAV connector tomorrow - hopefully it's ok on a 2003.
It's the radio module you need to check, for that year it should be a bm54 (same as mine), it should look like this...

Well done on your retrofit. You must have been as happy as a pig in poo when it all worked
Thanks, I was bricking it mate, but over the moon, a great feeling when it all powered up and was seen by the nav.

Call to the dealers in the morning. Can't find a part number on real oem or ETK.
Here are some part numbers that may be useful, they will be the same for your car (probably).

Bluetooth Antenna, BMW p/n 84-50-6-928-461 9.37
FARKA ULF to Antenna, 4755MM, BMW p/n 61-12-6-912-541 16.50
Microphone, BMW p/n 84-31-6 938-762 25.54
Microphone Cover, BMW p/n 51-44-8 250-115 1.88
Eject Box with pairing button, BMW p/n 84-21-6 933-415 36.00

Thanks again.

No problem mate.
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