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Evening mate, quick update...

Got the info from the Dealer$ and the harness is available for e E53 but looks like quite a complicated bit of wiring ...

...and it's 120 squids. I know I probably need the three big connectors (ULF, Radio, Power?). Then one to the cradle (or pairing button), and one to the mike (is this all the way to the headlining? Only I did find a 3pin connector). As for the rest...? Well ones an earth, but NFI on the other 2.

I see what you mean about the telemute cables. Only 25, so quite a bit of embelishment on the part of BMW to get to 120 eh?

Still, the futures bright...

Feel free to stop me before I give Simon James 120 for a cable...

Going to have a look at TFM thats kicking around on this site somewhere....

Great to have your help here... really appreciated.

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