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Originally Posted by Kev
Evening mate, quick update...

Got the info from the Dealer$ and the harness is available for e E53 but looks like quite a complicated bit of wiring ...

...and it's 120 squids. I know I probably need the three big connectors (ULF, Radio, Power?). Then one to the cradle (or pairing button), and one to the mike (is this all the way to the headlining? Only I did find a 3pin connector). As for the rest...? Well ones an earth, but NFI on the other 2.
Could be the extra GND and power pick ups and the speaker out (from the ULF)

I see what you mean about the telemute cables. Only 25, so quite a bit of embelishment on the part of BMW to get to 120 eh?
Indeed, I only paid 9 for the telemute and 12 for the plug and plug connectors, plus about a tenner for the other stuff i needed.

Most of the stuff came from eBay, but deffo get the BT antenna, mic (+cover) and FARKA antenna lead from the dealers, they are cheaper than ebay (i know hard to belive).

Feel free to stop me before I give Simon James 120 for a cable...
Lol, like I said, I could be tempted what would you be looking for? just the basic lead, ULF to the radio module (for things like power, ibus, gnd, switched ign, mute and tel on), plus the pair button in the boot, and a 5m lead run for the mic? PM me to hammer out some details.

Going to have a look at TFM thats kicking around on this site somewhere....

Great to have your help here... really appreciated.
No problem, glad to help.

The PDF is quite useful, it probably skims over some really nasty bits of the install but at least it looks quite straight forward. Up to the bit where I have to dismantel the centre console springs and run the mike cable up the a-pillar.
It is fairly straight forward, you just need to be methodical (sp?).

I was wondering, what else could that 3pin plug be in the headlining. We don't really do homelink stuff in the UK, so can't see it being that can you? Surely it's the mike ?
It sounds like the mic to me, is the connector black? it must go to the back some where?
If I could contain all the work to the boot I'd be a lot happier, but if not then I'll just take my time. I'd leave the pairing button in the boot with the ULF.
If you are leveing the pair button in the back it does make ita bit easier, but you still have to run the antenna lead to the centre console.

Then the trip down to my Indie, to spend another 50 having it coded by their Autologic system. I assume this is absolutely necessary...
Nope, not needed, the telephone is a non code option, once the I-bus detectes the ULF, its ready to use.

If you have a ULF "MIT SES" the you get the voice control as well, if you don't have "MIT SES" then get jochens navcoder and an I-Bus interface and code the ULF for VR.

Getting closer...
Getting there.
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