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Originally Posted by trapdoor
I think the settings under the Nav menu are for the assist function if fitted. To enable SMS to the Nav, the phone needs to be compatible.

I have an XDA Orbit (PDA) which even with Jetware Mobile won't transfer NEW SMS messages when they come in - it will allow old messages to be read on the screen, but no new messages get displayed. Jim at Jetware reckons it will be fixed in V2 which was supposed to be out in the summer...

My wife has a Nokia someting-or-other - if I pair that, everything seems to work, including new SMS's, SIM SMS's etc etc ... so I conclude it is the way the phone implements the integration, and as you have an 07 X3, I would expect the BT ULF to be the latest generation. Do you have working Voice Control by the way?
Yes, voice commands work fine with my phone. And I thought that I read somewhere that someone else had the same phone and had SMS working.
Hence my post.

Also I have assit, I've even paid for the upgrade, though I don't know why I never use it. But thought I'd try it for a year.

With the addition of Jetware I did get the signal strenght meter working reliably on the display...
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