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<<<This worked for me with my N95 and CK3100 like a charm..
Go to
Nokia 810 Contact Download Application for Nokia S60 3rd edition devices
Save the file to your PC and transfer to your Nokia handset.
Once saved to your phone, delete the bluetooth pairing between the car and
the phone.
Go and sit in your car
Run the 'Contacts Download Manager' which will be seen as an icon under
your Applications folder.
Follow the instructions on the phone and in about 2 minutes
the address book will be downloaded into the car's memory...>>>

I found the above information on several forums related to the Parrot bluetooth and the Audi in car bluetooth systems that were not syncing the phone books for the Nokia systems. Does anyone know if this will work for the BMW system? I need to replace my POS crapjack and I would like a Nokia phone. I had a P910a from Sony Ericsson but those don't seem to work very well with the BMW bluetooth systems either.

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