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The n95 is a very nice phone, its about the same depth and hight of a 6230i but a bit wider (all screen), it feels nice in your hand (not heavy at all) and has loads of features, I hardly use the phone, and mostly use mine for the mp3/video player and its great for that, I have the a2dp clip and the quality is very good.

I've bought a 4Gb micro-SD card and it works well in it too.

The only downside is the battery life, it blows, less than a day charge from a full battery, I'm getting a 1800mHA (thats twice the capacity of OEM), hopefully it should be a bit better with that.

The camera is very good to, you get the full 5Megapixel for photos and the video recorder is not bad, you can hook it up to a TV and get reasonable results.

The only reason I bought it was I was sick of carrying around several devices (phone, mp3 player, camera etc....) and the n95 does a reasonable job at all of them.

I've heard that if you debrand the phone back to nokia OEM (from your carriers OS) then things like the menus speed up and the camera works even better, the VOIP works and even the WiFi is better too.


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