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No insults here........

My Treo 700P pairs without a hitch. And seeing as how your razr worked i can only guess that there's a little human error involved. Getting the palm to work involved following directions closely and not re-inventing the wheel otherwise it would not work plain and simple. As soon as i paid attention to what i was doing it worked just fine. You should also know that BMW has a list of compatible phones that will work. Anything outside that list is a luck of the draw. Be advised the Palm is not on that list but it will work. (Depending on which palm you have of course)

Originally Posted by Scott in Cincy
The only phone we've ever had that worked with it was my wife's Razr. My blackjack wouldn't never pair, nor my Treo.

Is it a bad module? Stupid user error? (I'm open for insults )

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