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Originally Posted by el_duderino
I thought buying Alaska was the deal of the century... oh, wrong century.

Since this isn't the classified section, I feel OK asking, why are you selling it?
patred oput my cabrio to sell as stock. I bought x5 4.6 as second vehicle and love it, and got a lake front lot and now need $ to 1 car had to go and the x5 was more practical to keep..i'm loosing about 30k on the was full moded in everysense! all top stuff as a hobbioe for shows..took a year and a half top build , decided to sell it 1 week after i drove to cali to pick up my new custom made rims from iforged. I'm a little spontaneous..but regardeless, car is back to almost stock and it has to go, m3 mirrors, sides , halos m dead pedal, iforged wheels and tires,music keg, full custom trunk set up w/ 2 jl 13w6 , 1 jl 1ooo/1 caps, m3 smg wheel etc all already gone......all under warrantry and top condition. a steal of a price. i paid top $ from authorized dealer, no ebay7 or refurbished stuff inmy cabrio.
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