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Originally Posted by Eric Le Baron
Anyone who installed these?
I have them here ready to be installed as well as 4 SportStop slotted rotors and Axxis ULT pads.

The brake lines come with some parts like washers but no drawing showing where to put the parts.
Another thing I want to know is how to install them without getting air in the brake system.
Think they should have added these instructions with the brake lines...
The washers prevent the chassis-side fittings on the stainless steel braided line from pulling through the brackets on the inner fender. They slip over the end of the fitting on the new flex line before you connect it to the BMW hard line.

StopTech lines are designed to be routed and installed just like OEM lines. So you can figure out what to do by observing the stock lines. However, additional instructions and photos may be found in the StopTech installation instructions for X5 big brake kits. Except for the fittings on the caliper side, the BBK installation instructions apply to the installation of stainless lines on stock brakes.

See: for front lines. Check out page 8 for factory rubber line removal. See page 18 for installation of the StopTech lines.

See: for rear lines. Pages 8-9 show how to remove the stock lines. Page 21 shows how to install the StopTech lines.

Both manuals include bleeding instructions, or you can check out the instructions on my site:
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