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Bluetooth Question..

Wife's car is an 04 325 Ci Vert. It has BMW assist though its not activated.

There's a mic on the steering wheel console, and I have pics of the existing (I think) Assist module (see below).

Can someone please tell me what I need to buy to enable her to use her Bluetooth phone (RAZR 3). Dont want the eject box, just the ability for her to answer the phone while it's in her purse.

I'm really trying to do this without spending $700 on all new parts by buying some used ones..

I THINK I need:
Bluetooth ULF Module
Pairing button
Bluetooth Antenna
Installation Kit (which I think actually includes the pairing button and bluetooth antenna)

Optional?: SES - Voice Reco

I just want to be sure I dont buy more than I need for her car..

Here are a couple of photos from the boot (if that helps)..

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