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Originally Posted by el_duderino
Or at least something that sounds like bass.

The 2005 DSP system uses dual 6" woofers that can't physically play the notes they're being sent (their mechanical resonance is about the same as their lowpass crossover point, 80 Hz). The door speakers are better at low notes...

The echo effect sounds like everything I hate about live music in a bad venue.

There's no grille in front of the subs.

The rears have two huge holes - 400-800 Hz and 5000 and up.
I hear systems every day. This system seems very expensively engineered and built, but terrible for what costs must be sunk into it.
So would a DSP system be significantly improved just by changing the subs? Or are you saying ALL the speakers in a DSP system are incorrectly sized? What about the NON-DSP system speakers?
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