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Software Upgrade for older ULF Module?

I have a retrofitted 2003 BMW X5 for Bluetooth. The module number installed was 84 10 6 980 130 and was the installation was done last Jan 2007. Today is 2-9-2008.

I can not get my new iphone to complete a call. The iphone was paired according to the instructions. The Phonebook loads normally and looks normal from the head unit. I've tried turning off the wifi and several other options, none of which work. I had similar problems with a WM6 Samsung Blackjack.

After further investigation I understand that my new iphone is only fully compatible with the latest BMW ULF modules which came out last summer, 2007. I believe mine was manufactured late in 2006.

What I need to know is there a firmware retrofit to update the module to the latest firmware? I understand the iphone compatible firmware was released in September of 2007 and my module can be upgraded.

Please Inform - Thank You

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