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650i Review

Well gang, after little over a month and 1600 miles, I've decided to give you some insight on the new whip. All I can say is "this car is on another level". The ride is very pleasing even with the 19" runflats. The seats do a great job of holding you in place at all times. The layout of the controls were very well thought out. Now to the stuff you really want to know. The power and the handling are over the top. From a dead stop, you feel as if the car is underpowered. But in reality, it's the braking sytems start off assistant working. This takes some getting used to, but it works great. Once the car is on the move, it seems like you can never max out the rpm's. They are like the energizer bunny...they keep going and going and get the point. The shifting is super smooth and tamed. I really like the fact that you can see what gear you are in when you slide the shifter to the left. (sport mode and manual). Speaking of sport, once you engage the Dynamic Driving Control (sport button) this car wakes up like you wouldn't believe. You immediately feel the steering change and gear shifts are lightening quick!!! To watch that rpm needle fall so quickly is damn near erotic It's hard to imagine a car this size handling the way it does. I never considered the 6 series a big car until I pulled into the garage and found it to be more of a challenge to park than my 4.6is....maybe I was just used to parking the beast. So now you are thinking, with the power to go, how does it stop....on a dime. The brakes are BMW brakes...."nuff said". The brake drying system seems to work. It's been raining since I took delivery so this is one system that got used right away. You guys have pretty much the same iDrive system so you can judge that one for yourself. The one area that needs some improvement would be the way the shifter feels when you put it in sport mode. It doesn't feel as solid as the E53. Seems a little light to me. Maybe you E70 guys feel what I'm talking about. The Logic 7 premium sound is worth every penny they are asking for it. This is the best sounding factory system I've ever heard from BMW. Comfort access is cool to play with, but if you want to save a "G" , this is where you can save it. The new active headrests are very nice as well. Other than that, BMW hit the mark with this car. If you are thinking of getting a 650, what the hell are you waiting for!!!. ..............Phil
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