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Unfortunately, this is not my experience. I have an '04 E53 (Spring production), I replaced the Assist/BT ULF with an '05 combo module and it failed about a year or so later and was replaced again (under warranty this time). I have a Sony W810i and it will not work on the car. It will pair intially but fails after that. My truck has the Parrot kit in it, which is great. The firmware is easily upgrade able via BT from a laptop. IMO BMW really missed the boat on this one.


Originally Posted by Brian-bmw
In general, the BMW BT system will work with any new phone on the market, but there are the occasional exceptions. The good news is that you can very easily update the ULF module to match with a phone that "flexes" the BT standard a little bit.

As an example, Sony Ericsson is one of the developers of the BT standard. All of their phone work great and are fully functional with the earliest BMW ULF that I know. Other phone manufacturers, like Nokia, Apple, etc., may not pay as much attention to the BT standards and therefore release phones with issues.
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