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Congrats on the Koni's Charles. Glad you like them. I've got the Prelude on jackstands at the moment with the stock suspension out and Koni Yellow's ready to go in.

Interesting that you quoted Lee. He's a frequent poster on honda-tech.

A note about Koni's to anyone who tracks their car though: Imo, they're pretty decent street shocks but I would not pick these for a car that sees track time, just because they are twin-tube. Looking at dyno's of various Koni's, the low speed damping (not dampening ) is not as strong as monotube design dampers from makers such as Bilstein/Ohlins/etc. Apart from that the monotube design is much superior in handling the heat that the dampers develop in track situations.

The shocks I had on my car previous to this were Bilstein Sport's. Those were in only for a month because the ride was just so ridiculously harsh. The front rebound valving produced in excess of 5500N which is appropriate for 850-900lbft springs (race car spring rates). They must have been designed during Oktoberfest.

Having said all that, Koni Yellow/Sport's are by FAR the most popular shocks in the Honda world.

Btw, Koni has a new technology out which is really fantastic. It's called FSD and lowers the compromise between low and high speed damping giving a really nice and digressive curve. I believe Lambo is using it as OE in their cars and Koni is now starting release aftermarket products featuring it.
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