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Summer tires on, that's gotta feel good. I am lucky. I get to leave the summer tires on all year. .

75 minutes is pretty fast. I did a full front and rear brake rotor and pad change over the weekend on the X5. It took nearly 5 freaking hours (including a lunch break). In my defense, it was my first time changing them on the X. Even figuring out small things such as how to jack the rear correctly took some time. Great articles on this site though. Helped out a lot.

I ordered my rotors from Zeckhausen and was also pleased with the service and fast delivery. I went with Centric plain rotors and Axxis XBG (PBR Metal Master) pads. They are in between the Delux and the Ultimates. I had to get the pads from Turner Motorsport.

Did you break in the pads with the repeated 60-10 mph stops as recommended? I did this and was thinking it may be overkill. It is almost impossible to find a stretch of road with no cars to repeat this process. Then trying not to come to a complete stop for 5-10 minutes while they cool is even harder.
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