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I was aiming for an hour, but had a problem with one wear sensor clip, and the fact that the two guide bolts are different lengths on the front of the E60. Noticed that after I put the wrong one in. My 75 minutes included set up and jacking (hydraulic trolley jack, 2 jackstands), but no rotor replacement. Wheelbolts were torqued to 90 ft-lbs, 7 mm Allen bolts were done by hand. HT grease applied to all contact points on the pad ears. I have done a few brake jobs over the years. My brothers (the two professional mechanics) would have laughed because I don't have air tools.

I did a bedding-in procedure, but these pads required it less than the ones I put on the X5 a few years back. I may do another set, I will see how they go. I live on the side of a mountain, so I have nice straight hills to use for bedding in.

Dave at Zeckhausen would know better than me, but I don't worry too much about coming to a short stop as long as the pads aren't clamping the rotor while I am stopped.
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