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Originally Posted by ccfj1
The Radio/Nav voice volume attenuation is set by the volume control in the menu (under setting (or set), the one with the bar and the voice saying "louder/quieter") in the system setup, so setting it here will enable you to mute the radio when being given a voice command (like you have now), or blend the voice with the radio..

Set it for quieter, somewhere in the middle should do it.


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Hello ccfj1

Thanks for the welcome

I haved tried the "Nav voice volume" - it becomes louder and quieter, but at no point it blends the nav into the playing sound - it still mutes, leaving no radio-sound left (if it was radio I was listening to)

It's a small problem, but I'm just sure that the BM54 should be able to do the "Blending"
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