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Originally Posted by rhastings
I am still unclear about how to get the proper CD mode. I have a MKIII unit and have both IMGBRN and MagicISO. With IMGBRN, I don't seem to have an option of changing "mode", and the mode appears to be "mode 1". With MagicISO, I have the option of choosing "Mode 2/XA".

With the downloaded .nrg version of V.31, is the mode already set? If so, is it Mode 1? Is MagicISO doing a conversion to Mode 2?
You cannot CHANGE the mode.
The mode is set by the original CD, however some (dumb) CD ripping programs assume everything is Mode1 and change the image whilst they are reading it. That's what Nero did, which is why the V31 is Mode1

Get a hold of V30 or V29, you will find they are properly available as Mode2.

I repeat: you do not change the mode, all you have to do is CONFIRM the mode is Mode2. If the image is not Mode2, discard it and find a Mode2 image.

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