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Originally Posted by DustenT
Yes, when I search for BT devices, I don't find any. I've tried with both a Samsung phone and my ATT Tilt.

Any other ideas? I'm taking it in in two weeks to have it looked at.
There are several different phone packages (modules) that BMW fit. The ASSIST module may be too early to allow the pairing of a handset, but the later ones seem to work OK.

Your option may be to swap out the Assist module and replace with a standard ULF module which would then work with your phone. It depends whether you use or are likely to ever need BMW Assist and have subscribed.

In the UK, ASSIST equipped cars are few and far between, and we all have standard ULF phone modules (of various versions).

There is a thread on this on the X5 forum where someone is having the same issues as you are, pairing a phone to an Assist module.

Sorry I can't be much more help.
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