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Thanks for the response. It just dawned on me what the VR mode of the ULF was, duh. I didn't think that when I read it this morning. Anyway, here's some more info - the whine is there whether the radio is on or off and also while making a phone call. I will test to see if it is still there when I kick it into voice recognition but I am thinking it probably will be.

When you say "put a choke on" could you explain that a little better? What would I use and what pins would I put this on?

There are two more things I am going to try:
-I am going to plug the oem amp back into the 12 & 26 pin connectors removing the aftermarket amps from the chain to see what happens.
-My sub amp is nestled in the spot where the oem amp used to live so it is quite close to the ulf. I am going to cut the power to this to see if that is generating something that is getting kicked into the ulf.

The main amp is under the rear deck to fairly well away from the ulf.
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