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I too use an 8 gig USB stick and at this point have only converted cds to MP3s so they are mainly grouped as "albums". There are two ways to get to them, one is through the name of the album and the other through the name of the artist.
My salesperson showed me another shortcut to get to get to the music, but her dazzling good looks makes it hard for me to fully concentrate when she shows me this stuff. All I remember at the moment, it that in my particular configuration that it didn't help to try and use the iDrive sub-menu for "playlists".
Of course, one could create one folder and put all the music into that single file but that creates too many problems for the way I go at it. Although it sounds not unlike what some do with their Ipod when they just put everything into a particular genre.
Anyway, I have asked this before, but does the IPOD interface really save more time in navigating the iDrive than this USB device?
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