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Ode to Run Flat Tyres and BMW Assist

Emphasis on the Ass.

My tire got shredded yesterday. Not to the point I couldn't limp home on the tertiary streets, but with pieces of rubber dangling, I didn't want to chance it on the freeway. I drive the 3/4 of a mile, and park the car in my driveway to look for help. I start by calling my local dealer. Closed, naturally (Since its completely bizarre for a BMW service tech to be work on a saturday). Next, I called Ira, my preferred dealer, and the service advisor remained on the line with me for a good half hour looking for solutions, as they only had the tire, not the rim necessary, since the rim's edge was filed to the point it would destroy whatever was mounted on it. I was by myself with no alternative means to get around, and without loaners available (booked, and I'm under 21) and Enterprise was closed. The general Consensus was that I was out of luck. I told her I would make some calls. I called Classic, the company Ira sells RoadHazard through. NO ANSWER. 24 hour service my ass. Next, I call BMW of Peabody to see if they had a rim. I was at to the point where I would have hired a damn courier to bring a rim up. They never connected me. I now said "screw it" and called BMW Assist to have it towed to Ira, the closest open dealer. "We can't do that ma'am, thats 79 miles away" After I informed the agent for the third time that it's not "ma'am" get this: he hung up on me. Fortunately I had AAA, who came to my house, and after berating me for having a car towed due to a gash in the sidewall, and lifting it on the truck with the e-brake on and in gear until I yelled at him to stop. I borrowed a friend's car and somehow, despite driving about 20 over with traffic, the AAA guy still beat me there. Fortunately, once I arrived, my SA was great. She ordered two rims to be overnighted, and said, "OK, your car will be ready on tuesday". Then, told me not to let "them" touch it (I had no clue what turned out to be the state inspection light, so I grabbed a walk-in at the local stlr) and found out that they couldn't do maintenance until 1,000 miles to indicator, not two, as we had been scheduling in maine. So does this mean I would have recieved a huge bill? I guess I'll be driving to school without the maintence done. Not life-changing, but I would have liked having it done, and it would mean that I wouldn't have to deal with finding a new dealer, explaining that I go to school, need service, get through the "you're young, lets treat you like crap phase" and all that joy... I took a deep breath, walked outside into the balmy 94 New Hampshire afternoon, and realized something. Huh, if I hadn't gotten my hands on this car, I would be really screwed right now. Huh, If I were en route to Sugarloaf (120 miles from my home) on a friday night, and had an event like this, what would happen?

So I have no car for four days So Run flat tires? Great fookin' idea. Thanks for at least stocking one or two style 159's (only the most common RFT and wheel combo) in case of emergency like this. Thanks for having kind, er, professional, no, help... no. Thanks for abso-fookin'-lutely nothing, BMW Assist.

I'm going to try to leave for the lake now. I should have been there yesterday at noon.

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