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Originally Posted by AzNMpower32
The E90 is pretty much 15 feet of car. The design is uninspiring, bland, and essentially it feels and looks like the designers didn't give a damn about the exterior or interior. Our 325i in Titanium Silver, Black leather, and dark wood trim is about as "generic" car as one can get. . I struggle to stay awake driving it.

However, I see more of a similarity in the rear-end of a Saab 9-5 with a 3er. The Accord is just simply 2x as big as it needs to be.
well that's discouraging, is yours a coupe? I have been contemplating trading my e46 330ci(sort of my dads too) for the 335i coupe, supposedly faster than an e46 m3. I haven't driven it yet, still warming up to the design as you can see with my rediculous thread
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