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How do you reboot the MKIV Computer?

I have this intermitent issue where sometime I'll get in the car an drive off and the Nav computer does not boot up. If you go to the "Menu" and select "Navigation" and black screen appear with the words "Please Wait (Or Something), and a back button at the bottom. It normally stays that way for the entire drive cycle mever completely booting up.

I'll need to check what OS version I am running, but I think it is v29 or v30. I know it is not v31 or v32 as I have not updated it for quite some time. Also, the Navigation DVD I am using is a burned copy. But it is quality written with Alchol 120% on a "-R(?) DVD" (Whatever the preferred one is).

So I was wondering if anyone else is suffering from this issues and if they know of a resolution.

is it possible to reboot the nav computer from inside the car while driving? Like, can you press a series of buttons and make the computer reboot like other electronic devices?
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