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Originally Posted by ZeroG
I have this intermitent issue where sometime I'll get in the car an drive off and the Nav computer does not boot up. If you go to the "Menu" and select "Navigation" and black screen appear with the words "Please Wait (Or Something), and a back button at the bottom. It normally stays that way for the entire drive cycle mever completely booting up.
The nav computer HAS booted. It boots up every time you turn the ignition on, (cold boot: if car had completely shutdown, >1min after closing and locking car last time. Warm boot: if car is turned off and then on again quickly)

> "Please Wait (Or Something),
This means it is trying to read the map disc, and struggling.

The problem is due to one of the following:
1. dirty laser. Clean with a standard commercial wet-type CD laser cleaner

2. Weak laser combined with copied map disc. A copied disc is harder to read than a original new disc. Use an original disc and it will keep goind for a while (a few years, a few months...)

3. Weak laser with a original disc - here the only solution is to replace the nav laser (hard) or entire DVD drive (easy, very DIY)

You cannot reboot when driving. To do so requires the ignition turned off. Please stop the car to do that!
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