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DIY: Driver Side/Passenger Side Mirror replacement

My driver side had the rusted looking spots coming in the bottom and made it look horrible. Today I received my BMW order and immediately took the mirror off.

1. Adjust your mirror so that it is looking up in the sky towards the back of your SAV. You do this by holding the up arrow inside the driver side door that allows you to adjust the mirror.

2. Take flatbed screwdriver, or something bigger that can wedge in the mirror part.

3. Put the screwdriver up behind the glass section (theres a plastic piece behind the glass) and easily pull the glass towards you.

4. You will notice it will easily come out and you can look up under the glass to see if anything is catching.

5. The plastic glass section is now out and you can see the spot where the new glass part goes.

6. Change the housings position so that if there was a piece of glass on their you'd be looking down at the ground.

7. Push the new glass on. As you can see there are clips that the new piece of glass must fall into.

This was the first car related thing I EVER did alone and it took 5 minutes tops, that includes the gawking at the glass and checking things out.
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