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Navcoder / Voice Recognition Activation


I understand from reading various threads here that VR can be activated using Navcoder... so I bought Navcoder, a Resler interface and some BMW parts so I could hook up neatly to the CD autochanger connector and do so...

Connection is fine, and Navcoder seems to run as it should and I get lots of messages on the laptop's screen and can scan my modules etc.

When I put a tick in the VR enabled box on the code telephone screen and pick the code SES button, all seems correct with me getting a message saying it has been recoded, verified etc. Easy I thought...!

I then switched everything off and back on so the new settings could take effect and when I press the man speaking button the steering wheel for a few seconds, I get nothing... I expect a beep so I can give the car an instruction...

Separately (or is it?) when I read the BT module, I get: "Error when reading Bluetooth data: No response from device (time out) Check i-Bus connections and check that the device is switched on."

Also, I also am unable to save scan results and get "run-time error '52' - bad file name or number" when I try to - is this related to my other issues - is Navcoder not running correctly?

My car is an early UK 2006 E46 coupe. According to Navcoder, my phone module is part number 6 963 758 hw 50 sw 28 made in May 05 (which elsewhere I read is an option 633 bluetooth with telematics unit) but I would expect to have a 6th generation unit (part number 84 21 6 955 522) - or am I misunderstanding things?

I am using Navcoder version 2.5.20 which I believe is the latest.

Any help, advice etc welcomed!
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