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Big day, official presentation!

Looks like a whole host of new 7 Series came out today, I don't know where to begin. First a must see is the BMW official presentation of this car in which Adrian van Hooydunk takes you in and out of the car and shows it to you bit by bit. Really an amazing car and an amazing way to introduce the public to the car. Great move by BMW.
Here is the link ==>
Trust me you should visit that site!
Next there are a bunch of wallpapers, catalogues and technical details which are spread among a few threads here ==>
I wanted to summarize all the info but it seems like BMW just dropped it all on us at once so its hard to organzie, maybee someone else can do a better job, but the first few threads has all the vital info. The only piece of info missing at this point is the pricing data and more specifics on the Hybrid version. BTW make sure to check out the wallpaper threads. The new wallpapers BMW released WILL make you drool. (yes i'm now officially a 7 series fan boy
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