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Thanks for the advice guys.

As suspected (and confirmed here) I have a 633 Telematics Control Unit (TCU) rather than a 644 ULF (as an aside, what does ULF stand for?)

I already have Bluetooth functionality but I want voice recognition too!

Having spoken to my friendly BMW garage I am told I can get the necessary bits to add VR to my set-up for 146.46 inc VAT (can't/won't give me part numbers and/or advice re fitting times and whether any coding is necessary). This would be a special order from Germany ~1 week - 10 days leadtime.

I was also told that a latest generation ULF would be 268.21 inc VAT. Available next-day.

Having just missed out on a 12th generation ULF on eBay this week which went for 205, a new one looks good value.

My gut feeling is to go for the ULF as it'll be the latest version and so offer best performance and be more likely to upload by iPhone 3G's phone book etc - but equally I fancy achieving what I want and saving 100+!

So... what do you chaps think?

Should I add VR to the TCU I've got or replace it with a ULF? (and in each case, would the process be straight forward and "plug and play")?
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