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So if you don't already know, I work part-time at BMW of Charlottesville essentially as a photographer and the guy who posts information onto the internet. Not a bad college job at all.

I was talking to the Manager who orders the vehicles that come into inventory and sit on the dealer lot. I talked to him about how a lot of BMW drivers and buyers are dismayed by the selection, or lack thereof. I'm talking about your 328i non-sport, black on beige and wood, automatic, premium package, and no xenons. We're routinely disappointed that asking for a manual transmission is like asking to sprout wings, and if you ask for sport package, you might have better luck finding snow in South Carolina.

This manager is energetic, really reasonable and already understands. He started not too long ago, and the latest inventory reflects how he's willing to take chances. You already saw that with the 2009 325i with Chestnut Brown leather. He has a Bluewater Metallic coming in. A Black on Saddle brown 335i sport/manual/iDrive/iPod came in today but that is going off to another dealer.

I reasoned with him about how just getting the right colours and options can draw people in, like enthusaists from BMW boards. So the good news is that I'll get to sit down with him on Friday when he orders the next batch of cars. Here's an opportunity for me to maybe get a couple of manual transmission cars in, or perhaps get a car with sport package that doesn't have $5000 worth of options tacked on like pork-barrel legislation in the US congress.

How exciting is that? Man, I'm really thrilled to have the opportunity. So: what options would you like to see on your next Bimmer? Oh, and I guess colour combination suggestions would be nice too.
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