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I sat down for the last hour of work today with the manager. Took a look at things......damn there's a lot of info!

I did get to alter a few trim options and colours on a few 3-series, and we discussed options like Comfort Access and stuff. I showed him the new light walnut trim, which he likes and we altered a few vehicles that way. I did a 328iT in Alpinweiß with Gray leather/light walnut instead of the usual white-on-beige leather. Pity gray wood trim isn't available on the 3er touring.

The biggest problem is price. I suggested adding just Bluetooth alone, but he says electric seats are "one less thing to explain to a customer", and adding $750+995 usually closes the price differential. In addition, he's a fan of leather interiors, although I didnt have much time to discuss that.

I didn't get a chance to look and suggest changes to other vehicles. But I will probably do that given I have time over the weekend. Actually, I will probably do that in lieu of studying for my Accounting exam.

Lot of 5s and X5 3.0si coming in. Interestingly, there is a X5 3.0sd listed sometime in Dezember, but no word on pricing, and the space is not taken, yet. (I have the list with me ). X3 allocations are drastically reduced, with only ONE coming in thru the end of the calendar year. Someone has already put a deposit on that X3, and it will become a manual transmission X3.
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