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Originally Posted by ebolean
The only thing that I want to change is to activate the estimated time of arrival. Is it possible to selectively change only this parameter.
Yes, read the coding, then change that one item, then write the coding (code the nav)

However, if that one item is wrong, then the nav will guarranteed not be coded for your car. So take a moment to enter the VIN number, and set the other parameters to match the type of vehicle you have.

Originally Posted by ebolean
Is there a cable that connects the the Reslers interface to ibus? Can anyone describe what the place to connect to the ibus in the car looks like and where it is? Anyone have a picture? i have a 2002 525i station wagon.
The Resler interface is designed to connect to the CD changer cable
Unplug the power/ibus/ground (3-wire) plug from the CD changer, and connect to the resler interface

Note that the brown wire = ground, make sure the plug orientation is correct.
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