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Originally Posted by petertn

You mentioned losing the check control display. Are you referring to the display that show gas, trip mileage etc?? You also mentioned antennae diversity. What exactly is that?
Check Control = text display in the instrument cluster. The nav sends messages to the display to show eg fuel consumption, range in petrol tank, distance to go etc.
Remove the nav and you remove the ability to send messages to this display. The functionality and usefulness of the CheckControl diminishes greatly.

Antenna Diversity. Your vehicle has 1 x AM and 3 x FM antennas for maximum reception capability. The antenna amplifier chooses the best antenna at any given point in time based on instructions from the radio. Only the BMW radio can issue these instructions. Remove the BMW radio, the antenna amplifier no longer receives insructions, and keeps the antenna locked to FM1. You can never use FM2 and FM3, therefore you loose the antenna diversity function and the FM reception in fringe areas reduces a lot.
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