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Confused by .iso files

I own a 2003 Range Rover (i.e. 2001MY BMW X5) which I’ve upgraded to the Mk4 DVD sat nav and it’s currently on V29.1 (4-1/91).

I fancied having a go at my own splash screen & thought I might as well upgrade to V32 at the same time.

So I downloaded V32 from here, unzipped it using WinRAR, unwrapped the .iso file (also with WinRAR), replaced the splash screen using NavTweak and burnt the “13 folders & 41 files” to a CD using ImgBurn at 1x speed.

I put my ignition key in position 1, ejected the sat nav DVD, replaced it with the V32 CD and…...nothing happens. No screen messages, nothing.

So I tried converting the “13 folders & 41 files” back to an .iso file and used first MagicISO, and then tried UltraISO and then ImgBurn (separately!) to burn the .iso file onto CDs. I also tried two different makes of CD. Still nothing happened when I tried to install them.

I’m obviously missing something here, so could I ask a dumb question, please?

Are the contents on the CD identical whether they’re burnt on there directly as the “13 folders & 41 files” or if they’re converted first to an .iso file and then the .iso file is burnt on to the disk? Is there any difference to the finished CD? Does the Mk4 care which way round it's done?

Many thanks for any help.
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