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Like andy says don't unzip the iso file.

unzip the zip file and then open the .iso file with something like ultraiso, this will then "open" the iso file so that you can now manipulate the folders and files.

Here is a run through

First, you need to download a couple of applications first. (these are not the only ones you can use, its the ones I use, thatís all).


To mod the splash screen you need this app, (don't forget the GDL libraries).

This next bit sounds complicated, but is straight forward.

1: unzip the v32 image to a sub dir on your PC
2: install and open UltraIso, open UltraIso and navigate to /V_2/RR/0101/BMWC01S/app_sw then drag and drop the navboot file onto the desktop.
3: install and open navtweak, then open the navboot file into navtweak.
4: select the images tab, then the rombitmaps tab, and then scroll down to #14 and the right click and replace the image (with a one you downloaded and kept on you desktop).
5: save the navboot file (after making a copy of the original, just in case)
6: drag and drop the modded navboot file back into the open UltraIso image and overwrite the old navboot file with the modded one.
7: save the UltraIso (file, save as) and call it v32-modded.iso
8: install and open imgburn, open the v32-modded.iso file and place a blank CD in your DVD writer.

9:Burn at the SLOWEST speed or the slowest rated for the disc .

10: Go to the car, ignition at first position (radio on etc), wait for nav to boot up, then remove map CD, and insert new OS CD.

Wait for system to load new software.

Do NOT turn ignition off until reload and reboot has been completed.

Roberts your mothers brother, job done.

The nav unit doesn't allow it to "update" with the same software as already installed.

So you already have v32 installed then you can downgrade to v30 then back up again.

11. Enjoy!

If you still have trouble, post up the splash screen you want and I'll make an image up for you.
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