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2008 BMW X3 Navigation voice doesn't work

Hi Gentlemen,
I retrofitted a genuine BMW factory navigation in my 2008 X3. Everything seems to work fine except the female voice from navigation computer. My radio/cd/Ipod sound will go low when the nav. is going direction instruction but don't hear anything. My navigation have the latest OS which is V32. My navigation volume is set to high. There is another setting called "Nav-Min" which is set to Nav-Min +9. I verified that pin#18 of blue connector is not shorted to ground. I also downgraded the OS from V32 to V24.1 and then upgrded back to V32 but still have the same issue. Can anybody shed some light on this issue?

I think M3OZ & Terrymcg had identical problem but I don't know how they fixed it!

Nav blue plug:
Pin 9 = voice signal, yellow/red wire, goes to pin 5 of the small connector on the radio tuner (radio module) main plug
Pin 18 = voice ground, yellow/brown wire, goes to pin 11 of the small connector on the radio tuner (radio module) main plug

I really appreciate any help.



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