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Custom POI's, searchable?

I have purchased the excellent Pimp My Nav software, to make adding POI's to my NAV DVD painless.

The question I have, is are these custom POI's searchable? Has anyone used PMN or any other method to add POI's and been able to search/filter them?

What I mean by that, is I have created a Custom 'Food' category, and bunged all my restaurant-type POI's for the UK in there. There are some occasions, when I might want to only look for 'Burger King', but when I enter that into the filter box on the nav system, and select search - nothing happens! Only by entering nothing and clicking search will it display any (all!) POI's in that category.

I don't want to go down the route of having a custom category for each type of restaurant, that would mean doing several different searches every time I want to find somewhere close to eat!

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a limitation of adding POI's to your NAV?

Also as as side note, is there any way of knowing which POI's are on your route? Quite often I will select a POI and be directed back in the direction I have just come from, something which I would rather not do.
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