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Originally Posted by Narky

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So, here is the language change instruction.
Lets imagine, that we want to see Italian, when wee choose Deutsch in the settings. So, we need to look for Lng_Italiano and Lng_Deutsch modules. We can get them after decompiling the navboot with split.exe, or directly copy them from navboot with hex-editor (I use WinHex). Open Lng_Italiano and change “Italiano” at address 0000005Ch to “Deutsch”. Change “6F” at address 00000063h to “00”.
Look for byte at address 00000027h (basically, we must analyse DWORD at address 00000024h, but it will be less understandable) – it’s “68” here. If value of this byte is greater or equal than the value of this byte in the module, that we change (German), than proceed to the next step. In our case this is so (68>64) and we can proceed (don’t do all, that written in slanting font).
But if we want to change Italiano to Deutch, for example, than we need to paste four (68-64) “00” bytes at address 00000064h in Lng_Deutcsh (Ctrl+O in WinHex) and change “64” to “68” at address 00000027h. After that we must change the module leight at address 00000006h from “39 38” (this is module size 14648 bytes, translated to hex) to “39 3C” (this is the new module size 14652 bytes, translated to hex).
Now you need to save Lng_Italiano and open crc24.exe. You can get it on HackTheIBus Yahoo Group, I can send it by e-mail, but it will be better to upload it somewhere. Open Lng_Italiano in crc24 and it says Error and write you correct CRC for your new module. Now change last three bytes of the Lng_Italiano from “D7 60 B9” to the CRC, that crc24.exe write you (“1A 22 BC”).

Now open original navboot and find Lng_Deutsch in it (it is at address 00B29B30h). Mark all module from the beginning to the end (at address 00B2D467h). You can do it by holding Shift key. Now press Del and delete module. Go to address, where module begins (00B29B30h), copy all your new module and paste it at that address. Save navboot and proceed to “ISO change” routine, that you all know by heart
If you cant get the result with another replaces, please, do de2it replace for better understanding.
And say thanks to Nomad (x5world member), who open our eyes to module construction during the logo change project and to Tpeterke, crc24.exe creator. Thank you, guys!

Originally Posted by nikagl
Hi all,

Here's the entire procedure for changing your spoken language, written language and logo's, including references to where you can get the correct files, and step-by-step procedures for each step.

1. Download the new image (eg. v27.1). More info in the "BMW Navigation System FAQ" thread:

2. Download CRC24.exe from the HackTheIBUS group (first subscribe, etc.):

3. Downloaded NavTweak from the following thread:

4. Extract NAVBOOT (\V_2\RR\0101\BMWC01S\app_sw\) from the image using UltraISO. More info in the "Editing Splash Screen" thread:

5. Extract the language module you'd like to use (for instance Lng_Hollands) from NAVBOOT using NavTweak

6. Open the language module with your favorite hex-editor (for instance UltraEdit – and change the language name (for instance "Lng_Hollands") into the language you would like to replace in your navigation system making sure the length of the name is the same (for instance "Lng_Deutsch." with "." being "00" in HEX to keep the correct length)

7. Save the language file and calculate the CRC using CRC24.exe. Then replace the CRC24 HEX values at the end of the language file with the values from CRC24 – please note that CRC24 then says "OK" when you check the file again

8. Replace the old language module (Lng_Deutsch) in the NAVBOOT file with the NEW language module (Lng_Hollands) using NavTweak - this now worked (before changing CRC in step 7 it did NOT work, due to a CRC error)

9. Replace the original logo with a custom logo using NavTweak (GifExtractor works too, but you lose some of the traffic symbols with larger logo's). Save the new NAVBOOT file

10. Replace the new NAVBOOT file in the v27.1 image, and modify the languages (these are the spoken languages). See the following thread:

11. Save the image in your favorite format (I use ISO) and burn it with your favorite burning software (I use Nero) on the lowest speed, see the following thread:

Hope this helps all of you as a good guideline to modify the image! Possibly this post can be made sticky as it summarizes a lot of links needed to make all modifications currently possible (right?!).


hi guys
I reopen this old thread because I have to make a V32 to change language on an mk4

I found this two posts that explain how to change language, but it seems very different...what system is the best and quick?

I tried to change my navboot module with the Narky system but I'm not be able to find the addresses marked in bold in the first system above explained by Narky...

Here a pic of UltraEdit of my module

Can someone help me please?
Thanks in advance
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